Do Kitchen Cabinets Go In Before Flooring

Do Kitchen Cabinets Go In Before Flooring

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Should you install flooring before you install cabinets, in most cases given standard flooring heights you can install the cabinets before the floor covering floor covering or finish flooring is the surface that you see and walk on not the sub-floor and not an underlayment. Kitchen cabinets and floors which should be installed first, i agree - i usually have the flooring in first you need to have finished flooring under your stove d w and refrigerator anyway so it s usually just as easy to do it first from contributor m as a remodeler i have to go with flooring last most floors are going to have to be replaced before the cabinets. Is it better to install hardwood floors before or after, generally the hardwood floors will outlast the cabinets cabinets styles will come and go and they over time they need to be replaced from wear and tear solid hardwood floors may last for 100 years sure the color preferences may change but the wood will often remain in there through many kitchen renovations.

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